Unusual Times Call for Unique Beauty Methods

Introducing the White Feather Spa Virtual Facial

If your skin is starting to show the signs of stress due to these uncertain times, I have the solution for you! This is also great if you just want to hang out and chat (like we do during normal facials), indulge in self-care, and learn how to create glowing skin from home.

Each session includes:

  • At-home facial kit shipped or delivered to you with professional products and protocol for optimal results
  • 45-60 minutes one-on-one virtual appointment to complete facial step-by-step and discuss concerns
  • A special time for you to disconnect from the world and focus on beauty and self-care!

Please book one week in advance to allow me to ship you a customized facial kit.

I look forward to connecting with you and re-energizing your skincare soul!

The White Feather Promise

My focus for White Feather Spa is to provide an exceptional experience in a space whose environment and esthetician make clients feel welcomed and accepted so guests can leave with a renewed sense of wellness and health. The White Feather experience is steeped in...

  • Trust - I feel a great sense of honor to be a source of knowledge, experience and touch for my clients and I take that privilege seriously.
  • Connection - I value the power of connection for it’s innate ability to give us a sense of belonging and meaning in life.

  • Empowerment - I understand the true nature of my spa career - to nurture the confidence and self-worth of my community. My method just happens to be giving exceptional spa treatments.

  • Wellness - As an Esthetician, I work within the interconnectedness of physical wellness and personal fulfillment. I prioritize nurturing the positive physical, mental, emotional & spiritual implications my treatments have on my guests.

I invite you to try the White Feather experience yourself!

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Call: 226-234-5478
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White Feather Spa
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