Foot Care
Skin Care

Become your best self with White Feather Spa. Known for its Wellness Pedicure, the first and only offered in St. Thomas, Ont.

A Different Kind Of Pedicure

If you have ever had a pedicure at your local neighborhood nail salon you will notice a very big difference during your pedicure at White Feather Spa. For starters, you will fill out a medical history sheet that will be informative of any allergies or medical conditions.  Second, most first time clients are surprised to find out that even before their feet are soaked Rachael will inspect and assess their feet for any nail/skin conditions. If there are any concerns about your feet they will be discussed and a treatment plan will be recommended. 

Healthy Feet are Happy Feet!

Even if you don't have diabetes or calluses it is important to have a professional take care of your feet. This way we can try to prevent problems from sneaking up. And with a Professional Wellness Pedicure you will still receive a pretty nail polish color if you so desire. 

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